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Europ Assistance in India
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Europ Assistance Group
Europ Assistance India

Europ Assistance is present in India as Europ Assistance India Pvt. Ltd. – a fully owned subsidiary. Our mission is to support our customers in every life situation – from the most complex to the most routine.

Our 24x7 Assistance Center, located in Mumbai, is equipped with world class technology and a team of dedicated professionals with long-standing experience in assistance. It leverages the well established processes, quality standards and best practices of the Europ Assistance Group to deliver high quality services and world class customer care.

We offer a full range of Assistance Services in India including Automotive Assistance, Travel Assistance, Medical Assistance, Home and Family Assistance, and Lifestyle Assistance.

We support businesses in expanding and strengthening their service offerings to their customers. We design the most appropriate and cost effective solutions that strengthen our customers’ products and brand.